A publishing DAO seeking to redefine media production and distribution using web3 tools.

Who We Are & Where We’re Going:

Smart, curious and a little crazy contributors, who are ultimately collaboration fanatics and see a better future for the publishing industry using web3 tools.

Our Purpose & North Star
The Problem & Our Proposed Solution
How we achieve our North Star & The Solution

Who pubDAO is for:

pubDAO members, or, “Pubbers” require a particular set of skills... You could possess one of them or be a package deal.

Passionate Writers
Relentless Editors
Revolutionary Researchers
Lynchpin Project Managers
Curious Publishers

Where we are on the journey:

We are currently in season 0 and planning on the launch of season 1 QT2 2022.

A brief history
Season 0 Strategic Objectives

Governance Mechanisms

Here is how we keep things in order. These mechanisms will evolve as pubDAO grows.

Our Treasury
Our Tokenomics & Voting Model
Our Compensation Structure
Our Community Tools