A media DAO seeking to redefine media production and distribution using web3 tools.

Who We Are & Where We’re Going:

Independent bloggers; reporters and editors from established crypto news sites; reps from other prominent DAOs; and interested smart thinkers in the crypto space who align with our mission.

Our Mission

Leverage web3 to redefine publication creation and distribution.

The Problem & Our Proposed Solution

The Problem:

Web2 has severely damaged the trust we had in the traditional publishing system. Some negative outcomes from publishing in web2:

  • Promotes clickbait (writers get compensation based on clicks - rather than quality content)
  • Writers have to pander to the biases of the publications they want to be in
  • Distribution is gate-kept by small parties and biased algorithms

Additionally, web3 companies have difficulty finding writers who are crypto-savvy enough to produce high-quality, there isn’t a strong solution for web3 companies that need consistent content creation.

At pubDAO, we want to change that.

The Solution: With the power of web3 pubDAO seeks to build out a decentralized publication service that:

  • creates a diversity of opinion in content
  • empowers writers to pursue subjects they’re passionate about
  • enables fair compensation for writers (writers who are paid well don’t have to pander to the biases of a publication)
  • funds the pursuit of knowledge that benefits the greater community even when it may not typically be profitable to those pursuing it
  • pairs professional writers with organizations that align with their values.
The Solution
  1. Build a community where great writing flourishes and talented writers want to hang out.
  2. Our Publishing Pod system: a decentralized content creation and distribution model.
    1. Private pods for exclusive content paid for by sponsors.
    2. Public pods for ‘public good’ content paid for by pubDAO grants.
  3. Decentralized newswire: articles produced and approved by PubDAO public pods get published on our Medium and screened for distribution in larger publications like Decrypt, Yahoo Finance or the Defiant.
  4. Develop “Cryptofilter”, an on-chain curation, vetting and credentialing system for authors.
  5. Specialty Programs like;
    • Genesis writers - to bring attention and more writers into the DAO while showcasing the level of quality and insight we can generate as PubDAO.
Our Community Tools
  • Most of the day-to-day chat gets done in our Discord.
  • Any proposals that get created are placed in the pubDAO forum.
  • We release key information on our Mirror blog.
🗞️Published PubDAO Articles

Who PubDAO is for:

pubDAO members, or, “Pubbers” require a particular set of skills... You could possess one of them or be a package deal.

Passionate Writers

Passionate writers who love to collaborate with other passionate writers, share ideas, see what others don’t, and explore what’s possible in web3. They see the potential for a new area of publishing using web3 tools.

Relentless Editors

Relentless editors who thrive on unfinished articles and get a kick out of the collaborative process of making writers look good. They see web3 as a portal to new possibilities for the publishing world.

Revolutionary Researchers

Revolutionary researchers who always say YES to going deeper down the rabbit hole and share their findings in a collaborative and easy-to-understand way. They see web3 as the ultimate playground for what the publishing future holds.

Lynchpin Project Managers

Lynchpin project managers who eat ambiguity for breakfast, sing the praises of co-creation and love cultivating a safe place for work (and play) to get done in a web3 context. They might not be from the publishing industry but want to be part of building the next era of publishing in web3.

Curious Publishers

Curious publications of all shapes and sizes who want to explore what’s possible with a decentralized publishing platform - that understands the power of web3, creativity, collaboration and want to get in early.

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Where we are on the journey:

We are currently in season 0 and planning on the launch of season 1 QT2 2022.

A brief history
  • PubDAO has been active since October 2021 and was started by Decrypt as an experiment of what a decentralized publishing platform might look like.
  • We have experimented with a few specialty programs like the Genesis Writers Program.
  • We rebranded to a fresh color scheme and designed contribution poaps.
  • Feb 2022 we started transitioning to a pod publication and distribution system that we believe is the path to a sustainable future that also allows us to get where we want to go as a DAO.
  • See what we’ve published

Season 0 Strategic Objectives
  • Develop a culture where Pubbers thrive and want to hang out.
  • Build out the MVP of the private and public pod structures.
  • Launch first three private pods prototypes.
  • Create foundations for NFT drop mid-season 1.

Want to contribute?

Join the Discord, go through the onboarding process, and fill out an application.

Please make sure to join the Discord and get your roles before filling out the application