Become an Early Contributor

Supporters who join PubDAO and contribute to Season 0 will be given the Early Contributor role. To become an Early Contributor, you’ll need to complete at least one bounty from the bounty board—think of it as your initiation into PubDAO!

Early Contributors receive a Season 0 POAP at the end of the epoch, as well as a Coordinape account for allocated points throughout the season that will map to a retroactive token reward once the PubDAO governance token is live.

At the end of Season 0, we will stop accepting new Early Contributors and the role will remain as an exclusive badge of honor for those who supported the community from the beginning.

Why become a contributor?

  1. See your work published across industry-leading publications and reach new audiences
  2. Opportunity to earn governance tokens in the DAO
  3. A seat at the table with other leading DAOs in helping to shape the future of media
  4. Group brainstorming and idea generation for what’s coming next in the space


Step 1: Join the Discord

First step is to join our discord and introduce yourself in the #introductions thread

Step 2: Complete a bounty

After you've joined, check out the Bounty Board for available DAO tasks. Pick and complete a task from the board and reach out to a DAO member to let them know you've completed it.

Step 3: Get contributin'

Once you've gained the contributor role, there are multiple ways to help as a contributor:

  • Help other contributors shape their story pitches or pitch your own idea in #story-ideas
  • Submit finished work for publication across the network in #ready-to-publish
  • Ask for or offer help to a fellow contributor in #ask-for-help
  • Discuss new ideas in #water-cooler

Check the PubDAO calendar to see when the next office hours is being hosted