Biz Dev Guild

The Business development guild is focused on evangelizing PubDAO and networking with publications and DAOs (including their contributors).

Who is in the Biz Dev Guild?

People in the Biz Dev guild are web3 natives that are familiar with DAOs. They craft relationships tactfully as an extension of PubDAO, and do not spam to get people's attention. They have large networks in the industry and want to help builders and creators by bringing them more exposure through PubDAO.

The main focuses of the Biz Dev guild are the following areas

  • Sourcing quality contributors (Talent)
  • Bringing Publications into the Publishers Network (Product Adoption)
  • Bringing DAO representatives into the DAO
  • Bringing Sponsored Content/Writing as a service jobs into the DAO

Biz Dev Guild Compensation

Individual Bounties for non-revenue generating activities

10% commission on revenue generating leads in whatever the token payment method is

Current Roles Needed

  • Biz Dev Team Members
  • Biz Dev Team Lead