DAO Reps

What are DAO Reps

DAO reps are prominent members of DAOs who want to join PubDAO to represent their organization. DAO reps want to get increased coverage and exposure for their DAO and what it's working on with top tier publications, conversely, publications have a hard time getting vetted information from DAOs because communities are often token gated. DAO reps serve as ambassadors for their organizations in PubDAO.

They pitch story ideas about their DAO for the Editorial guild, and work with Stewards to help steer PubDAO policy. Similar to Stewards and Early Contributors, DAO reps don't belong to any specific guild, although they may contribute to any that they'd like.

How to Become a DAO Rep

If you'd like to join PubDAO as a DAO rep, join the Discord and introduce yourself in #introductions. Make sure to let us know which DAO you're representing.