Product Guild

We are the builders. We make the products that the DAO offers to the public as well as create internal products to improve DAO operations.

The current skillsets we're looking for in Product Guild members are:

  • Front End Developer
  • Back End Developer
  • Smart Contract Developer
  • Product Managers
  • Marketing
  • Designer

To Join the Product guild, join our Discord and go through the onboarding process in #start-here. Once you specify that you want to join the Product Guild, you'll be given access to #onboarding-product, where you react to the skillsets that best apply to you.

Contributing to the Product Guild

All of the currently open projects can be found as threads posted #project-proposals. In the image below, design-infographic is the only open project in need of support from the Product Guild.


If you’d like to contribute to a project that has already begun

Navigate to the thread created for it, let the team know that you’d like to help and how you think your skills will add to the project. Whoever the project lead is for the specific project will reach out and let you know how/if you can contribute.

If you’d like to propose a new project for the DAO to take on

Pitch your project in the #project-proposals channel. If one of the Product Guild leads or PubDAO stewards see and approve your project proposal, they will create a thread for it under the channel. This thread will house all conversations and collaboration on the project.


Anyone who’s a contributor to the Product Guild (they are actively contributing to a project) is required to sign up for a Coordinape account. Because the PubDAO token hasn’t launched yet, there will be retroactive rewards for early contributors

In the Product Guild, each product is assigned a total budget by the Stewards and the Product Guild Lead. Everyone who contributes to the project is assigned points from that project by the project manager or Product Guild Lead. At the end of the project, or as the project hits milestones, the budget is released and split amongst contributors based on the points they have been allocated.