Starting/Funding a Private Pod

How to start a private pod

Private pods are working groups of writers and editors that focus on creating content with an aligned purpose, that purpose is determined by the pod sponsor. They can be spun up to produce content marketing, thought leadership content, niche-specific content, documentation, and any other form of written content that a business or individual might need.

To start a pod, fill out the application linked below. DAO members will review your application and vote on whether or not to take on the pod. You will be notified when the pod goes up for vote, and when the vote is complete.

The first private pod being spun up is the Decrypt sponsored LearnPod. This pod has been commissioned to create educational content for the Decrypt website.

If you’re interested in sponsoring a private pod, fill out an application here

Why fund a private pod?

  • If you’re a publication that needs more content about a specific subject or niche you can fund a pod to tackle it
  • If you’re an individual who would like to build a brand for themselves in the space, you can fund a private pod to ghostwrite thought leadership content.
  • If you’re a web3 brand you can fund a private pod to produce content marketing articles
  • If you’re a cryptocurrency you can fund a private pod to create your whitepaper and documentation.