Editorial Guild

The Editorial Guild ideates, produces, and distributes all the content that PubDAO publishes. It consists of DAO reps, writers, publishers, editors, and translators.

Get Involved

If you haven’t already, make sure to read the “Getting Started” page linked below.

Getting Started with PubDAO
Finding Stories to Write in PubDAO

Guild Roles Breakdown

Writers (Contributors)

Contributors are the heart and soul of PubDAO. They are writers, reporters, and members of other prominent DAOs. As a contributor, your function within the DAO is write stories found on the Bounty Board or the Writing Job Board. to submit pitches for articles in #story-ideas, to work with Editors on refining your pitch and then your article itself, and (if you’re a member of another DAO) to share pressing information related to your DAO that you believe is newsworthy.


Editors help guide the content being created by PubDAO, and assist Writers in completing their articles. If you’re an Editor you supply weekly themes in #story-ideas, edit articles submitted by writers, and move articles to #ready-to-publish once they are finalized.


Publishers are representatives from media and news outlets that source articles from our decentralized newswire and share them on their platforms. If you’re a Publisher, you find can find articles to share in the #ready-to-publish thread, or reach out to a Steward if there’s a specific topic you’d like to have covered.

  • If you are a DAO rep or writer that would like to contribute, fill out this form and a member of the DAO team will reach out to you https://airtable.com/shrH2ntJFlCIkCc0d
  • If you’re a representative from a Publication and would like the Publisher role, please reach out to anyone with the @Steward role to get the application process started

Once you’ve been accepted to the Guild go to #onboarding-editorial to learn how you can start contributing!