Getting Started with PubDAO

  1. Join the PubDAO Discord
  2. Go through the onboarding process that begins in the #start-here channel.
  3. Go through the guild-specific onboarding process in either #onboarding-product or #onboarding-editorial (depending on which guild you join)
  4. Check the Bounty Board for open tasks, or check Story Ideas (Looking for Writer) for stories that need to be written.
  5. Once you've completed a Bounty, reach out to a DAO member to get your Early Contributor role.

What is Publishing Process for Writers?

  • Writers submit story ideas to #story-ideas
  • If Editorial Guild expresses interest (via reactions or message) then the story can go into production
  • Writer submits article in #general-editorial and requests editor
  • Editorial board edits and creates a thread to collaborate with writer if needed
  • Article sent through wire again with *READY TO PUBLISH* tag
  • Article added to PubDAO medium
  • Publications pick up the story

Editorial Guild Specific Onboarding

Finding Stories to Write in PubDAO

Product Guild Specific Onboarding

Product Guild