Early Contributor

Early Contributors are anyone who contributes to PubDAO Season 0, regardless of which guild they belong to. To become an Early Contributor, complete a task from the Bounty Board and reach out to a DAO member once it's completed.

Getting Started with PubDAO🥷Bounty Board

Editorial Guild Roles

Guild roles are guild-specific roles that relate to your skillsets. For example, if I'm a writer I would have the Editorial Guild role as well as the Writer role. Guild roles can be acquired at will through reacting to messages during the onboarding process.


Writers craft stories for the DAO based on DAO-sourced writing prompts. All the information needed to contribute as a writer to PubDAO can be found in 🔍Finding Stories to Write in PubDAO


Editors work with writers to fine-tune their stories and review them before sending them to #ready-to-publish. You can find a list of stories and the writers working on them in Story Ideas. If you see a story you'd like to edit, reach out to the writer working on it and offer your support. All stories must be reviewed by an official Editorial Guild editor before being sent to #ready-to-publish.


Translators take finished stories from #ready-to-publish and translate them to their native tongues.


DAO reps share ideas and insights about their respective DAOs so writers can better cover them.

🦾DAO Reps


Publishers are reps from publications that want to distribute PubDAO content.

More information on the Editorial guild and how it works can be found here.

Product Guild Roles

Product guild roles represent very specific skillsets. If you have the skillset, react with the relevant emoji in the #onboarding-product channel in the PubDAO Discord. Being tagged with your skillset allows us to notify you when we have tasks that can use your assistance.

You can find open tasks for the Product Guild in Bounty Board, as well as in threads underneath the #project-proposals channel in the PubDAO Discord.

Front End

Back End

Smart Contract Developer

Product Manager



More information on the Product guild and how it works can be found here.

Levels for Contribution We Look For:

Contribution comes in all shapes and sizes, which fits you best?

Pubber Lite
  • Time commitment: 30min - 1 hour a week.
  • Responsibilities:
    • None
  • Typical activities:
    • Say GM
    • Share a meme
    • Maybe comment on an idea a fellow Pubber shared
    • You’re here for the vibes
Pubber Strong
Pubber Core

PubDAO story ideas get brainstormed openly in our Discord channel, a truly collaborative process that favors coordination over competition.

  • Writers can join PubDAO and earn tokens to write about subjects they care about.
  • Publishers/Companies can sponsor writing pods to produce content about a certain subject, topic, or niche.